Street Fighter 6 developer match footage for Dee Jay and Dhalsim was released

Capcom has now officially released the 2nd set of their developer matches for Street Fighter 6’s newest characters, and even if you’ve already seen the unofficial rips of the footage, they’re still certainly worth checking out again.

This latest set contains a full match lasting nearly 5 minutes between Dhalsim and Dee Jay in high quality and without the background commentary.

As pointed out before, Capcom turned up all of Dee Jay’s old tricks to 11 with his ability to always throw 2 fireballs without a meter plus being able to fake the toss entirely, and that’s just scratching the surface.

The biggest addition to the pop star’s tools is his new sway stance, which allows Dee Jay to back up and/or rush in on the opponent with a multitude of follow-up options, and the gameplay on display here shows off how it can be. used to create tricky setups he’s never had access to before.

Many of Dhalsim’s stretchy-limbed normals have been changed for SF6, but his kit seems to be a mashup of his best moves from across the franchise including his Yoga Float from Street Fighter 5.

They also gave him some new and dangerous tricks up his nonexistent sleeves too, as Dhalsim now has access to an aerial Yoga Fire in SF6 that shoots down diagonally towards the opponent.

If you haven’t taken a loot at it already, we have a story going deeper into the details revealed from all of the new Street Fighter 6 footage, which also contains the official release of the Manon vs. Marisa game too.


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