Winners and losers from the MLS Secondary Transfer Window

They nearly transferred rising Canadian international midfielder Ismael Kone to English Championship side Norwich City for around $6 million, but that deal fell through after it was agreed upon. No word on whether it would have included a loan back or not anyway. The European windows remain open through August, so there’s always the chance Kone or Djordje Mihailovic go.

I think Montréal’s really good, and I also think they’re one big piece away from being an elite, A-Tier contender this year. Maybe a left wingback, or maybe a vicious, DP-caliber goalscorer? Or, in an ideal world, both? Offor, in his brief MLS career, has not looked anything like a starting-caliber goalscorer, let alone DP-caliber.

I know that splashing out on big, proven, DP talent goes against Montréal’s recent philosophy of bargain shopping, being patient and building with the kids, but they’ve done that part so well that they’re on the precipice of being real contenders. You only get so many rolls of the dice from that spot, and they chose not to. It’s disappointing.

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