Redfall will require “persistent online connection,” even for solo play

Arkane’s upcoming open-world FPS Redfall will apparently require a “persistent online connection,” whether you’re fighting off vampires with other players in co-op or even just going it alone in single-player.

Redfall is just one of many titles from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda that will be coming to Game Pass in 2023. But in somewhat disappointing news, it has been revealed that Arkane’s open world shooter will be an always-online game, requiring a constant internet connection, even if you’re playing alone.

Redfall confirmed to be an always-online game

Bethesda’s official Redfall FAQ has been updated since last week’s Developer Direct showcase (which gave us a deep dive into the upcoming FPS), confirming you’ll need to be online to play the game. “A persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op,” it states, although no reason is offered for Redfall’s always-online nature. The FAQ also confirms that you’ll need a Bethesda account linked to your Xbox Gamertag in order to play the game.

It’s possible that Redfall could be using server-side saves to get around things like save modification and item hacking which are rife in other loot games like Borderlands that use local data, although without official confirmation, we won’t know for sure until we can check for ourselves. Either way, this news might come as a blow to those with sketchy internet connections (it’ll prevent the game from being played during service outages, too) and while many of us are always online anyway, it’s not great from a preservation point of view either, as closing the servers would effectively render the game unplayable if it requires that constant connection to play.

For more details on the game, you can check out our recap of everything we know about Redfall. What do you make of this news? Let us know down in the comments.

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