New GTA Online update released to fix major hack, patch notes posted

A few weeks ago we reported on a new GTA Online exploit that hackers were using to ban and corrupt your character data on the PC version of the game. It has been unsafe to play this version of GTAO since then but thankfully you can now return back to Los Santos.

Rockstar Games responded a few days after the exploit went viral in the GTA Online community noting an update would release to stop this exploit. They have now released the security patch intended to stop the major issue affecting players. It comes in at around 350mb in size and is live on the Rockstar Launcher, Epic Games Store and Steam.

Patch notes

Rockstar Support have posted the patch notes for GTAV Title Update 1.66 on PC:


  • Implemented a new data protocol in GTA Online to improve the security of network sessions and player-to-player messaging
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a player’s GTA Online experience being modified by a third party, including:
    • altering GTA$ balance, RP level, Bad Sport status, and other player stats
    • manipulation of players being kicked or crashed

Game stability and performance

  • General stability improvements

If you have been affected by any of this recent exploit eg your account was corrupted, Rockstar Games Support did say you should reach out to them with a request. This means if you have had your account banned/corrupted by a cheater, Rockstar Support will assist you.

Social Club will undergo maintenance

Another notice you might want to be aware of is that Rockstar Games Services will see it unavailable for a short time. On the Rockstar Support homepage, a banner reads: Rockstar Games Services supporting Social Club will undergo maintenance on February 2, 2023, starting at 5:00 UTC. During this time, commenting on user content on the Social Club will be unavailable to all users. This maintenance is not expected to take long and services will return as soon as it is completed.

For more Rockstar Games news including the latest on what’s happening in GTA Online, stay tuned to RockstarINTEL.

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