LEGO To Move Corporate Offices From Enfield To Boston

ENFIELD, CT — The LEGO Group announced Tuesday it will depart Enfield and re-locate its head office in the Americas to Boston by the end of 2026.

The move to the new office will happen in a phased way beginning in mid-2025, according to a spokesperson for the LEGO Group.

“Until then, our employees will work across two sites – the existing office in Enfield and our LEGO Education office in Back Bay, Boston, where new roles will be located,” the spokesperson said. “All colleagues based in Enfield will have a position in the new location and will receive relocation assistance if they wish to make the move.”

About 740 people work full-time from the Enfield office.

Skip Kodak, president of the LEGO Group in the Americas, said the move would support the business’s long-term growth ambitions to bring LEGO play to even more children in the US and the Americas region.

“Boston is ranked one of the best cities in the world to attract and retain talent,” Kodak said. “This, along with its world-class academic institutions, skilled workforce and great quality of life makes it an ideal location for our US head office. We have exciting plans for the next phase of growth and hope we can retain many of our current team , as well as attract new colleagues.

The LEGO Group opened its Enfield office in 1975. The original site was home to a factory and warehouse, but the current location is only offices. The building is now owned by Winstanley Enterprises and is shared with Coca Cola as the other tenant.

“Enfield has been their home for almost 50 years and we were sorry to hear this news,” Mayor Bob Cressotti said. “But, on the other hand, we were relieved to hear that all employees were being retained, and those who chose not to will be eligible for job transition assistance.”

Town Manager Ellen Zoppo-Sassu said, “LEGO has been a very generous corporate citizen especially as it relates to the Family Resource Centers and we hope to continue that relationship as one of their key legacies in this area.”

“The news is disappointing, and we as lawmakers need to learn important lessons from it,” State Sen. John Kissel said. “We need to assess the reasons LEGO is leaving and make positive changes to our state’s public policies in response. We should view this as a teachable moment to make Connecticut more affordable and more appealing to businesses like LEGO.”

State Rep. Carol Hall added, “While the news of LEGO’s move doesn’t come as a complete shock, it’s still disappointing that a great community partner who has been a fixture in our community for almost fifty years has chosen to move their operations to a neighboring state.” Hopefully, Connecticut will take this unfortunate news as an opportunity to reflect on what we are doing as a state to retain and attract new businesses.”

gov. Ned Lamont said, “I am disappointed to hear today’s news, but I am confident in Connecticut’s ability to attract and retain companies that value our competitive advantages in education, workforce, and quality of life. We are seeing these advantages resonate more and more in industries such as advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and fintech.Based on my conversations this morning with LEGO’s leadership, their move is motivated not by any Connecticut policy but rather LEGO’s desire to consolidate their business operations near the company’s Education Office and to enhance their partnership with MIT.While LEGO has announced that no layoffs will be part of the relocation, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of Workforce Strategy, and Department of Labor will work with LEGO to place affected workers who choose to depart the company and stay in Connecticut.”

“My office has a great working relationship with LEGO and its workforce in Enfield, so I’m very disappointed by today’s news,” US Rep. Joe Courtney said. This announcement reflects a broader shift by LEGO around the globe to focus more on e-commerce and digital marketing, and to move themselves into denser urban areas such as Boston, London, and Singapore. This change will be a four-year process, And my office has been assured that over that time, employees will be given a chance to retain their positions in Boston if they choose.In the meantime, it is important that the state of Connecticut—whose labor market has tens of thousands of job openings —connect this highly talented workforce to great career opportunities that exist in our region, from clean energy production, to all sorts of advanced manufacturing and engineering, and more.My office will be monitoring this process closely with state and local officials to make sure LEGO employees in north central Connecticut are treated properly, and that they’ve got access to every opportunity for skills training and other forms of transitional support.”

LEGO will begin a search for a new office location in central Boston, the company spokesperson said.

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