Why Katy Perry Said “No Offense” to Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom may be wide awake after viewing Katy Perry‘s latest TikTok.

Wed Aug. 4, the American Idol judge took to the social media platform to play an innocent game of MASH, which aims to predict your future life.

When playing, users discover the house, car, number of kids and lover they could have sooner rather than later. No problem, right? For Katy, she discovered a castle, Tesla and six kids are in her future. As for here lover, it’s none other than Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson.

“No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando?)” she wrote on TikTok as Cyn‘s “House With a View” played in the background.

For the record, Katy and Orlando appear stronger than ever as they raise their 23-month-old daughter Daisy Dove. In fact, the “Dark House” singer playfully reacted to her fiancé’s carousel of shirtless workout videos on July 31.

“Babe where did you put the cortisone cream,” she commented. “You have a heat rash.”

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