Randy Rainbow Tells Republicans Exactly Where They Can Stick Their ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ in New Parody Video

As the number of mass shootings continue to rise throughout the United States, many Americans have been left wondering when Congress is actually going to do something, rather than having members of the GOP offer their carte blanche “thoughts and prayers” before refusing to enact gun control. Viral comedian Randy Rainbow may not have an answer to that question, but he can certainly express that sense of unending frustration through music. And on Thursday (Aug. 4), Rainbow shared his latest musical parody, “Thoughts and Prayers,” calling out Republican lawmakers for their tired response to near-constant mass shootings.

Starting off the video in a faux-interview with Sen. Ted Cruz, Rainbow wastes no time in making fun of “this f–king guy,” and asking why his party refuses to act on gun control. As Cruz gives his same refrain yet again, Rainbow quickly interrupts him: “Yeah, that’s cute — but with all due respect, prayers don’t prevent these horrific tragedies.” He adds, “Should you really be sending out any more thoughts? You barely have any coming in to begin with.”

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Rainbow then launches into his musical number, set to the tune of “Dance: Ten, Looks: Three” from the Broadway musical A Chorus Line. He roasts Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lindsey Graham, Fox News‘s Sean Hannity, and pretty much every other Republican in Congress. “Thoughts and prayers/ That would be appropriate/ If they all were running Hallmark stores,” he sings. “Thoughts and prayers won’t save our lives/ So go shove yours!”

As the video goes on, Rainbow’s lyrics only get more brutal as he spells out the importance of gun reform legislation, and Republicans’ refusal to break party lines. “When the problem’s getting worse/ Quote your favorite bible verse/ Faux compassion is so in fashion,” he croons. To close out the big number, Rainbow offers a simple piece of advice to his adversaries across the aisle: “Go f–k yourselves!”

Check out the full video of “Thoughts and Prayers” below.

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