John Krasinski Confirms Jim Was ‘The Office’ ‘Supervillain’

Earlier this year, audiences were shocked to experience a Jim Halpert jumpscare in theaters when John Krasinski appeared in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness as the elastic superhero Mr. Fantastic. Despite his relatively small cameo, Krasinski still helped save the world (kind of) and proved that he could actually play a superhero, which is quite different from his most iconic role of lonely paper salesman Jim Halpert.

The shapes Office star stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon about his various new projects, and of course, Fallon brought up his most iconic character to spark one of the internet’s hottest debates: Is Jim Halpert Really The Villain?

“The internet is always right,” Krasinski joked as Fallon brought up an old article pointing out how Jim was sometimes manipulative. Fallon said there was “no way” Jim was the bad guy, to which Krasinski admitted, “Well they’re on to me because I played [Jim] as a supervillain,” the actor jokingly recalled. “That’s why I did Fantastic Four to balance it out — I had already done the villain.”

While Krasinski could not give away any information about the just-announced Fantastic Four movie (or even confirm that he is in it at all), he did hype up his upcoming movie If, which will star Ryan Reynolds and his old Office co-star Steve Carell. “I should have started with ‘This is The Office reunion movie,’” Krasinski joked to the delight of the audience who just wanted to see Jim and Michael together on screen again. The fans need a Threat Level Midnight sequel!

Check out the full interview above.


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