Digital Video With Endless Zoom In Video Stuns People

The digital period has transformed everything. Paintings have not remained protected from this transformation.

A video of digital art is doing rounds over the internet which appears to have an infinite zoom with elaborate details of the subjects.

In the video, shared on Twitter, a person zooms into the digital painting and keeps zooming in on the image, which surprisingly does not blur and retains its quality. A Twitter user named Vaskange designed a digital video with endless zoom-in to tell infinite stories.

The person keeps magnifying the photo to such an extent that the elements inside it become prominently visible. When zoomed further, a window becomes visible from which, a train is seen passing by. The tremendous art continues to shed layers revealing a host of elements hidden deep within it.

The video has been posted on July 26. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated more than 9.9 million views and the numbers are only increasing.

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