EA reportedly canceled an unannounced single-player Titanfall game

EA didn’t just kill Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobileapparently. Bloomberg Sources claim the publisher canceled an unannounced single-player game set in the Titanfall and Apex Legends universe. While details of the project aren’t available, veteran developer Mohammad Alavi (who also worked on the Call of Duty series) was reportedly helming the project until he left Respawn in early 2022. EA is said to be finding places for the affected 50 team. members when possible.

EA declines to comment. Respawn says it’s shutting down Apex Legends Mobile as its content roadmap is starting to “fall short” of expectations. The studio also delayed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor by six weeks over quality concerns.

The reported cancellation doesn’t come as a shock. The global economy is slowing, and game publishers are among those scaling back to help endure financial turmoil. Ubisoft recently canceled three games amid a gloomy outlook, and Halo developer 343 Industries is dealing with the consequences of Microsoft’s layoffs. Decisions like this theoretically help EA and Respawn concentrate on known money-makers like it Apex Legendswhich has earned over $2 billion so far.

The rumor is likely to be disappointing to fans if true. The titanfall games are well-reviewed, however Titanfall 2 arrived seven years ago. A third title in the series eventually transformed into Apex Legends as the battle royale trend took hold. Now, players may have to wait even longer for a new story-driven game in the franchise — if it happens at all.

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