Cancer Horoscope for February 2023

Your February Horoscope for Cancer

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I look at your chart and I smile—you are in a rocket ship to the very top of your career, and nothing is going to stop your ascent. Jupiter is still in Aries, shining like a beacon from the pinnacle of your chart, close to where the 12 appears on the face of a clock. Jupiter will remain in that position during February, March, and April and leave on May 16, so during that time, launch your most important career actions.

Jupiter entered Aries in 2022. It took 12 years to reach this lofty point in your chart, and once he leaves, it will take another 12 years for him to return—specifically in April 2034. While you will always be able to make a name For yourself professionally, this period is special. Jupiter will make it easier than ever for you to capture dreams of leadership, influence, and rock-solid job security.

This month, on February 5, the full moon in Leo, 17 degrees, will see a continued emphasis on your finances, a theme that first emerged at the new moon last month, January 21. You may have become motivated to get your accounts in order, pay bills, call your investment advisor to review your retirement account, and perhaps set up a savings plan with the help of an app that makes saving easy, in small steps. You also might want to check your credit report.

This month’s full moon on February 5 is somewhat near Saturn, the planet of practicality and realism, and also a planet known to impart determination and faithfulness to the goals you set up. Uranus will be in conflict with the Sun, and the Sun is playing a leading role at this full moon. This suggests that you may get an unexpected expense that seems to come up out of nowhere.

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