3-Year-Old’s Phone Call to Let Brother Know the Fish Died Is Going Viral

This kid is absolutely precious.

Trying to break the sad news of a pet passing over the rainbow bridge is no easy task. You never know how they will take the news. And we think the worst way to break the news is over the phone, but sometimes, it has to be done that way.

That’s what happened to TikTok user @shaytay24’s brother. He was in college at the time his fish passed. And when it happened, this TikToker’s 3-year-old son took it into his own hands to break the news. You must listen to this phone call.

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OMG No wonder this clip quickly went viral and hit over 5.2 million views within the first day. It’s both adorable and so sad at the same time. This little boy got straight to the point, which sometimes might be better. Minus hanging up afterward. LOL! We think if our pets would ever pass when we’re not there, we’d want this 3-year-old to rip off the bandaid for us.

“Lol, he said, ‘Look, George, I’ma give it to you straight. Blue is gone and ain’t coming back. The funeral is right now,'” commented @yannamac__. The little boy didn’t want to sugarcoat it. @dani06801 added, “The walk and the head shakes.” Something tells us he’s done this before.

@_kvnghades wrote, “It’s his delivery because what you mean blue died and gone? At least tell me to take a seat first.” Right?! He could’ve warned Blue’s owner that bad news was coming.

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